The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss – Is It Effective for You?

In the Western world, there is a trend towards health consciousness. Wellness is seen as a holistic approach, compared to the discreet approach that modern medicine has been using this century. Health awareness has lead to the rise of many alternative programs that work not only on the body but also the mental condition.

Paying attention to your mental state is important. Working only on the physical condition doesn’t always get the satisfactory outcome that you desire. Combining both the body and the mind can bring effective and efficient results. One of the rising techniques that uses this combination is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping.

Getting to Know EFT

EFT, or Tapping as it’s often called, is a healing modality that is often used to relieve stress and its symptoms. It’s a combination of acupressure (acupuncture without needles) and psychology. This technique is gaining traction among health care workers due to it’s effectiveness and ease of use.

Tapping is effective for various health complaints since it addresses the neglected emotional aspect of an illness. In weight loss, Tapping resolves the underlying emotional issues that can prevent a person from losing weight regardless of diet and exercise.

How Do You Do Tapping?

Tapping uses the meridian points, certain spots on your body that are related to your energy field. The theory is that by tapping on these points, you regulate the energetic flow in the body that can result in various symptoms when blocked. Combine it with pronouncing what you are feeling and where you are feeling it, Tapping can ease the symptoms, and in some cases, heal chronic pain.

When you want to lose weight, you can follow a diet program that guides you on nutrition, supplements, and combine it with Tapping for a balanced mind and body approach. Weight loss programs that use Tapping often don’t focus on the diet and exercise aspect, but it is still effective. Some women who undergo such programs say they can lose several pounds simply by resolving their emotional issues.

EFT has proven to be effective such that more and more fitness practitioners are incorporating it into their programs. The results that their clients get are remarkable, and it makes losing weight become easier for those who had a difficult time achieving it.

How is EFT Different From Other Methods?

Tapping is distinguishable from other methods by the use of tapping on your body. You also state words, both negative and positive, to help reveal your thoughts and correct them if they need to be corrected. Many personal stories show that the body image, how we see ourselves, play a large role in affecting how you can lose weight.

During the beginning of the Tapping process, a person says what pain they are feeling in their body. They also express what belief they have about their body image. They can say sentences such as “Even though I have this flabby fat in my arms and belly, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Starting with admitting the negative beliefs about your body begins the effective process of healing it. EFT helps to reorganize the energy flow in the body so that your diet, exercise, and rest become much more optimal and can achieve results in a shorter time.

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