5 Tips on How To Get The Most Out of Your Coffee Grinder


One of the best ways to serve coffee at home is by grinding it. Some of the best grinder reviews site offer these tips to ensure you get the most from it:


#1 Dial the grinder in

It is important to modify the settings of the grinder so that it produces the correct grind size according to your brewing method. Each grinder has its own idiosyncrasies, thus it might take some time as well as coffee to determine the appropriate settings for your machine.

There are some factors which affect the grind setting to start with – the grinder, the coffee beans, and temperature or the air`s humidity. Other than beginning with the factory settings, there is no correct or wrong place to start when it comes to dialing in a grinder. Simply select a grind and make the appropriate modifications from there.

Your palate will be helpful to decide whether you have properly dialed in the grinder. In case your coffee has a sour taste, make the grind finer. If the coffee has a bitter taste, make your grinder coarser. Grind size will as well affect the body of your brew, therefore, utilize your palate to observe and modify the grind in a way in which it will meet your preferred drink texture.

Upon adjusting your grind settings, ensure you remove the leftover grounds before making another kind of coffee beverage.


#2 Purge beans that stuck from the coffee grinder

Every time there is a bean that stuck on the grinder, you should remove it. At times you can push it using your finger. Remember to unplug the coffee grinder before placing anything inside it. If poking it does not work, attempt turning it upside down. You can also disassemble it to remove the stuck bean, as a last alternative. In case you apart from the grinder, you can clean it deeply.


#3 Frequently clean your grinder

Normally, coffee beans are oily and perishable, and eventually, coffee oil gathers in the grinder and creates a residue which will become rancid. If it is not cleaned, the residue will reduce the coffee`s flavor and quality. Also, fine grinds can be effortlessly lodged in fissures which are hard to reach the grinder, which can result in decreased performance or at times malfunction of the machine.

Cleaning your grinder frequently is a good way to get rid of coffee residue and well as odors from the inner burr and extend your grinder`s life.


#4 Keep your grinder dry

Similar to all electrical appliances, a coffee grinder is not supposed to be kept wet. Moisture can accumulate in the machine which results in the grounds easily sticking, and they do not flow easily through it. Moisture is not supposed to come near the burrs as well as the grind chamber, mostly is your grinder is made of steel burrs. Rust can accumulate close to the moving parts or the motor which decreases the general performance of the machine.


#5 Grind, fresh beans of good quality

It is almost impossible to brew a good-quality cup of coffee without starting with good-quality coffee beans. However, every roast will give different results with different machines. No two coffee will utilize the same grinder settings for extraction, which is why it is important to dial in your machine for every new batch of coffee beans used.


However for each roast, fresh coffee is the major ingredient. Coffee should be used approximately four days after roasting and used within the next 10 – 12 days. As these times pass, the beans are less fresh, and the settings of your grinder might require to be



Final word

A coffee grinder is among the most essential equipment in brewing a good coffee. The distinct flavor notes in coffee are brought to life once the beans are ground as accurately and evenly as possible. In addition, the way a coffee grinder is managed and maintained can have a significant impact on the grind consistency and thus your coffee`s quality. The above five pointers will assist you to maintain your coffee grinder and get the most out of it.

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